25 Years Creating

End-to-End Law Firm Marketing Campaigns

Because learning curves are incredibly expensive

This is Wingtip in 30 seconds or less:

We're laser focused Exclusively on Legal

Translation: we have the highest concentration of expertise in the vertical, from behavioral marketing to data-driven web & media production, all refined specifically for your market and ours.

Our lead quality is second to none

Whether you're supplementing volume or realizing a need for stronger lead conversions, we use a secret sauce of behavioral targeting, advanced analytics and best-in-class screening to compassionately deliver case-making plaintiffs.

We organically align you with your ideal clients

Our value, and our passion, is matching vetted plaintiffs with attorneys who can best help them. Go-nowhere leads are a waste for everyone. We're a diamond mine, not a lead farm.

Not our first rodeo

For 25 years, Wingtip has been creating multi-dimensional marketing campaigns based on what's going to be successful for YOUR case and YOUR firm.

Two-and-a-half decades gives us a unique and comprehensive understanding of how the legal marketplace has evolved over the years, from the advent of mass-tort, the speed of traditional TV and the onslaught of the lead generation machine we call the internet.

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Trusted by attorneys. Trusted by consumers.

While leads are a result of Wingtip's work, we do not consider ourselves a simple lead generation company. We develop and nurture consumer outreach marketing campaigns, zeroed in on your holy-grail plaintiff, and then hold their hand as the case unfolds.

We manage the entire end-to-end process, ultimately becoming an on-going resource for your clients and taking as much of the onus off of your team as possible. We then deliver that uber qualified client exclusively to your firm, signed and ready for you to do what you do best.

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Where do you start? Where do you finish?

We add value with the ability to manage the entire marketing spectrum.

Each case and each firm needs a different approach. The exact make-up of any given campaign is 100% about where you are, where you need to be and how quickly you need to get there.

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Content • SEO • SEM • PPC & More
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Wingtip ROI Cycle
Meaningful Results

Is your marketing mechanical or meaningful?

Wingtip delivers consistently strong results because we know that just because something worked for the last case doesn't mean it will work for this one. Cases are different, the demographics are different and your needs are different.

Decades of experience and the largest tool bag in the industry means we can rapidly deploy a customized program that meets your objectives within your budget.

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Looking to enter the mass-tort space?

With thousands of contacts in the industry and a unique understanding of where both large firms and individual attorneys fall in the mix, Wingtip can help you maximize your ROI by finding your niche

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