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A 25-year deep network in the industry

Wingtip has a unique understanding of where different firms and attorneys fall in the mix

With close to 3 decades in the industry, working with firms large and small, Wingtip is uniquely positioned to help your firm capitalize on our relationships. We've worked with firms with significant capital but no clients. We've worked with firms with lots of clients that need capital. We've worked with individual attorneys needing to partner with other firms in order to see a large case through and we've worked with large firms needing localized attorneys to help manage large influxes of clients.

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Lawyer-to-Lawyer Referrals

Wingtip Communications has taken great care to form and continually develop relationships with many of the most prominent and successful injury, tort and product lawyers across the nation.

Some campaigns are better left to one law firm, while other, more time consuming campaigns can be even more successful with extra hands on deck. We want your campaign to be the absolute best that it can be and we can help you determine if case referrals will be helpful for you.

Wingtip can help you build stronger and more substantial campaigns by referring cases between two law firms. Larger campaigns mean more revenue.

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Wingtip has been efficiently and cost-effectively locating legal clients since 1995

Mass Torts, Class Actions, Drug & Product Recalls, Off-Label Use & More

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Fen-phen • PPH
Sulzer Hips
Medtronic Defibrillators
HRT Drugs
Ethicon Sutures
Paxil Birth Defects
Vioxx • Celebrex • Bextra
Fentanyl Patches
Depo Provera
Ortho Evra
IVC Filters
Vaginal Mesh
SGLT2 Inhibitors

Now Investigating Fentanyl Spray, Viberzi & Physiomesh Hernia Cases

We Also Maintain Ongoing Expertise In:

Asbestos • Mesothelioma
Aviation Accidents
Bad Faith Insurance
IBM Toxic Tort Rooms
Big Rig Trucking Accidents
Birth Injuries
Catastrophic Injuries
Misdiagnosed Medical
Nursing Home Neglect
Security Litigation
Whistleblower Cases